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Catalog Printing and Marketing

pdt_icon_CatalogCatalogs are a great way to introduce your complete product line to potential or existing customers. Some companies release product catalogs on a quarterly basis, whereas others who don’t have a rapidly changing product line release on an annual basis. Catalogs can also be released on a seasonal basis depending on your business’ product line. For example, if you are in the business of selling costumes than you obviously should have a catalog fully dedicated to just Halloween costumes come October. Catalog printing is a traditional marketing method that seems to have withstood the onslaught of the internet. Most people still appreciate a physical catalog and more often than not they actually take the time to go through the entire catalog. This is because it is clearer for some people to browse linearly one page at a time through your catalog than navigating aimlessly through a website.

There are two simple type of customers you can distribute your catalogs to – potential customers and existing customers. If you’re on a tight budget than your best bet is to deliver your catalogs to existing customers as they are more likely to repurchase from you. If you are on the hunt for new customers than make sure your distribution list is of quality, as catalog marketing can be fairly expensive. However, depending on the lifespan of your catalog before it becomes outdated your catalog can bring in more sales over time as it becomes a convenient way for customers to reference products they are interested in purchasing at different time periods. Another strategic way to utilize catalog printing or marketing is to scale down the products being listed in the catalog to a more niche audience. For example, if you own a hardware store and want to target only landscapers than only include products in your catalog that are relevant to landscapers. This type of focused catalog marketing can prove to be highly effective and a more affordable campaign to kick off.

The Very Best Resource for Business Flyer Bulk Printing

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There are many different ways for a business to market to new customers. One of the most effective is the use of business flyers. These can be distributed on the windows of cars in some parking lots, by hand at conventions or other events, or in the mail through bulk mailings. One will get the best return on invested capital by selecting a high quality, eye-catching design, while keeping the cost of the flyers minimal by using a good affordable supplier. For the best results, you should consider using Color FX Printing and Packaging for all of your business flyer bulk printing needs.

Choosing the Right Company Is Important

We cannot stress enough how important it is to hire the right company for your business flyer bulk printing. If you have a major trade show coming up and the flyers produced for the event have mistakes, you often will not have time to get replacements. It is also possible that the company could experience an equipment or scheduling failure that delays your order so that it is received after the show is already over. By going with a company who could not deliver, you might have missed out on advertising to hundreds of potential good paying customers.

Guaranteed Quality and Customer Service

custom packagingAt Color FX Printing and Packaging, we strive to make sure that such a situation never happens with your business. We understand how important printing is to your business, and we treat your job with the dedication of a full time team of employees. We maintain a stringent attention to detail and have put in place the most strenuous quality control standards in the entire industry. A customer should never be the first person to spot a printing error.

We also make sure that we deliver our printing runs when we say we will. No longer will you need to send in an order for a deadline early just to make sure that you give yourself buffer room in case the printing company fails to deliver on their promised deliver date. When we quote a deadline, we stand by that deadline, making sure that we do not skimp on quality to make it. Now you can put more time and effort into perfecting the design that is just right by knowing that when you send the final product to the printer, it will come out right, precisely when needed.

We also believe that maintaining a close relationship with the customer is critical. By understanding the customer’s needs and business, we can point out problems in scheduling an order or recommend solutions that might deliver a better overall solution for their purposes. If there are issues that need to be resolved quickly, our staff is readily available to make sure that we can accommodate any reasonable customer demand.

At Color FX Printing and Packaging, we provide business flyer bulk printing with superior quality at the best prices.

Price Match Guarantee

Everyone claims to have the lowest prices. However, not every business can deliver on that claim. At a Color FX Printing and Packaging we back up claims with an iron clad price match guarantee. If you find another supplier of wholesale flyers printing that has a lower price, we will match that price on your order. Please note, that since most businesses, including our own, offer bulk discounts, the guarantee applies only to the same size order on a similar quality product to ensure an apples to apples comparison.

In addition to offering a price match guarantee, we also offer customer loyalty rewards. Every time you chose to do business with our company, we will award you a certain number of loyalty points based on the size of the order. These loyalty points are good for real cash discounts on your next order. Loyalty rewards can include 1.0%-4.0% cash back rebates depending on the dollar volume of the order and up to 2.0% special discounts on top of our already low rates based in total loyalty points accumulated. Each new customer is automatically enrolled in our loyalty program to make sure that each person has the opportunity to benefit in future purchases.

Get Started Saving On Your Printing Today

With our quality and price match guarantees, you have nothing to lose by giving us a shot with your next wholesale flyer job. If you use us once, chances are you will never go back to your old bulk printing supplier.

We also offer other complimentary services such as direct mail delivery and shipping and tracking. We can also print a wide variety of other promotional materials such as business cards, calendars, catalogs, DVD covers, booklets, and door hangers. Each of these services is delivered with the same quality and competitive pricing that we feature with our bulk wholesale flyer services. Color FX Printing and Packaging can easily become your one stop shopping outlet for all of your printing and mailing needs.

For more information on our many services, visit our website by clicking here. If you want to speak to use about your order directly, do not hesitate to give one of our many qualified professionals a call at (877) 763-7671. What are you waiting for? With the assistance of Color FX Printing and Packaging, now you can order flyers with convenience and confidence to help jump start your marketing efforts.

Get high quality labels from Colorfxweb.com

Get high quality labels from Colorfxweb.com

Labels can be used for a wide variety of applications. In a retail setting, labels are absolutely essential to promote a brand’s image, provide information about the product and company, and attract potential customers. Here at Color FX Web, we are proud to provide high-quality labels that can be customized to your specifications, allowing you to fulfill your customers’ needs to perfection. We offer the best label printing in the industry, so place your order with complete confidence.

Our Premium Labels

We offer a wide variety of options so that you can create the perfect label for your buyers. Select the colors, fonts, designs, and graphics that make your labels unique. ALL LABELS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE ARE ON RECTANGULAR SHAPE*. Our labels come with an all-temperature adhesive so that your customers can use the labels confidently regardless of where the product will be stored. Our versatile custom label printing allows you to create a label that is durable, attractive, and affordable, which will keep your customers coming back time and time again.
(* Please contact 1-877-763-7671 for custom shapes & sizes)

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Why You Should Use ColorFX

ColorFX, Inc. is a family-owned and operated printing enterprise located in Sun Valley, California, just north of Burbank, off the 5 Freeway with easy access to the 118, the 170, the 405 and 210 Freeways. Our facility for wholesale trade printing consists of a 30,000 square feet freestanding building that has been our home for the past 20 years.

TO BETTER SERVE YOU, ColorFX, Inc. offers that intangible extra-pride. We are proud of being the latest generation of a centuries-old craft. The technology that we employ are the tools to achieve what has always been the goal of the true craftsman – sparkling quality in wholesale printing. It is this culture of excellence at ColorFX, Inc. that causes each member of our staff to be proud of identifying themselves as a printer.

ColorFX, Inc. has, as its foundation, a commitment to quality. This foundation combined with the latest in production digital technology and state-of-the-art equipment is what distinguishes ColorFX, Inc. Our customers have come to rely on these three dimensions of service, and in the process, have become heroes to their own trade customers and successful businesses.

To provide the most convenience to our trade customers, we have one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly custom websites. By simply logging on to http://www.colorfxweb.com and accessing MySpace, you have the ability to do the following:

• Get Free Estimates including Shipping • Log of all your Estimates • Log of all your Orders • Have your own Dedicated Server space for files & data • Upload any Files from your Dedicated Server • Preflight Files • Approve Jobs for Printing • Track your Job’s Progress • Pay Online with different Payment Methods

We provide printing delivery services to all of our clients by request. We can also ship with UPS ,Trucking with Blind labeling and third party deliveries. ColorFX, Inc. will continue to upgrade our existing facility and equipment to provide the highest quality of wholesale trade printing by utilizing the newest technology with Quick Turnaround Times and the Most Competitive Prices. Our goal is to earn your loyalty and to prove why our trade slogan is and always will be “Customer Service Is Our Priority”.

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How to Create the Best Menu for Your Restaurant

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If you run a restaurant, one of your biggest assets is a high-quality, well-made menu. By taking a few simple steps, you can easily create the best menu for your restaurant.

First, it’s important to narrow your menu down to a specific type of cuisine. What do you specialize in? Is it generally Italian? Maybe it’s more regional such as Tuscan? By narrowing down your menu to a specific regional type of cuisine, you’ll set your restaurant apart. Next, decide on the size of your menu. Some customers find large menus difficult to navigate. A small menu with select dishes gives your customers only your best, and can also help your cooks and servers do their jobs better. Finally, make sure to choose quality materials for your menu. With a unique, easy to navigate layout and bold fonts, your customers are sure to come back for more.

Here at ColorFX, we offer many templates and styles to customize your menus. Your restaurant is sure to benefit from a well-made, quality menu that displays everything your restaurant has to offer. With affordable prices and thousands of options, you won’t regret choosing ColorFX for all your menu printing needs!

10 Creative Movie Posters

 10 Creative Movie Posters  

Movies and the posters that promote them can be created with such imagination that they become true works of art. People all over the world decorate rooms in their house with posters from movies they love. If you are an artist or graphic designer we encourage you take a movie that captured your imagination and create a custom poster of your own!

If you want to get your custom movie poster printed with high quality equipment at an incredibly affordable price, check out our poster prices. Don’t miss out on this chance to get instant price quotes for custom sizes and quantities on your next print order!

Here are 10 creative movie posters we really love:











Three Ideas of Calendar Printing

Are you a part of a church or a non-profit organization? One way to bolster awareness of your cause, raise money for your organization, and stay in touch with your donors is to print an annual calendar. Here are three suggestions for calendar printing and calendar design for non-profit organizations.

1. Decide what type of calendar you want to print.

There are a number of different ways to print a calendar. For example, you might want to print a one-year calendar on a 6” x 9” or 8.5” x 5.5” postcard. These are convenient because you can print a calendar on one side and print mailing information and your message on the other side. You can print these in large quantities because they are inexpensive to produce, then you can easily mail them to your donor list.

On the other hand, you might want to print something larger that members or donors will want to post on their fridge or wall. You could print an annual calendar on an 11” x 17” sheet of paper, like a large poster. Alternatively, you could print a more traditional, 12-month wall calendar. This is by far the nicest type of calendar, but it’s also the most expensive to produce.

2. Print calendars as part of a fundraiser.

Selling wall calendars are a great way to raise money for your organization. Each year, your non-profit can choose a unique theme for your calendar. If you’re an animal shelter, for example, you might choose to feature animals who have been rescued and are now enjoying their new life with their families. Alternatively, you might want to feature photos of members of your organization, inspirational quotes related to your cause, or photos that will get a laugh. Then, you can sell your calendars to members and donors at a price slightly above what you paid to have them printed.

3. Make your calendar interactive by adding QR codes.

A QR code is an image you can scan with a smartphone. Once your phone has scanned the image, it will open up a web page or other information. Using QR codes is a great way to get more out of your fundraising calendar. You can add QR codes to dates when you will be having important events, such as an annual fundraising dinner.

If you are part of a non-profit organization, suggest printing calendars this year. When your organization sells or gives away wall calendars, your messages stay in front of your members and donors all year long. Calendar printing from ColorFXWeb.com ensures that your calendars are printed professionally and correctly the first time.