How to Create the Best Menu for Your Restaurant

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If you run a restaurant, one of your biggest assets is a high-quality, well-made menu. By taking a few simple steps, you can easily create the best menu for your restaurant.

First, it’s important to narrow your menu down to a specific type of cuisine. What do you specialize in? Is it generally Italian? Maybe it’s more regional such as Tuscan? By narrowing down your menu to a specific regional type of cuisine, you’ll set your restaurant apart. Next, decide on the size of your menu. Some customers find large menus difficult to navigate. A small menu with select dishes gives your customers only your best, and can also help your cooks and servers do their jobs better. Finally, make sure to choose quality materials for your menu. With a unique, easy to navigate layout and bold fonts, your customers are sure to come back for more.

Here at ColorFX, we offer many templates and styles to customize your menus. Your restaurant is sure to benefit from a well-made, quality menu that displays everything your restaurant has to offer. With affordable prices and thousands of options, you won’t regret choosing ColorFX for all your menu printing needs!


International Print Day 2016


Happy International Print Day.

Take the opportunity on October 19th to join the GLOBAL print community and help print “Trend The Planet!” Involve your companies, your customers, your families and friends. Every share counts, and creating more print fans is the extra bonus.

10 Creative Movie Posters

 10 Creative Movie Posters  

Movies and the posters that promote them can be created with such imagination that they become true works of art. People all over the world decorate rooms in their house with posters from movies they love. If you are an artist or graphic designer we encourage you take a movie that captured your imagination and create a custom poster of your own!

If you want to get your custom movie poster printed with high quality equipment at an incredibly affordable price, check out our poster prices. Don’t miss out on this chance to get instant price quotes for custom sizes and quantities on your next print order!

Here are 10 creative movie posters we really love:











Three Ideas of Calendar Printing

Are you a part of a church or a non-profit organization? One way to bolster awareness of your cause, raise money for your organization, and stay in touch with your donors is to print an annual calendar. Here are three suggestions for calendar printing and calendar design for non-profit organizations.

1. Decide what type of calendar you want to print.

There are a number of different ways to print a calendar. For example, you might want to print a one-year calendar on a 6” x 9” or 8.5” x 5.5” postcard. These are convenient because you can print a calendar on one side and print mailing information and your message on the other side. You can print these in large quantities because they are inexpensive to produce, then you can easily mail them to your donor list.

On the other hand, you might want to print something larger that members or donors will want to post on their fridge or wall. You could print an annual calendar on an 11” x 17” sheet of paper, like a large poster. Alternatively, you could print a more traditional, 12-month wall calendar. This is by far the nicest type of calendar, but it’s also the most expensive to produce.

2. Print calendars as part of a fundraiser.

Selling wall calendars are a great way to raise money for your organization. Each year, your non-profit can choose a unique theme for your calendar. If you’re an animal shelter, for example, you might choose to feature animals who have been rescued and are now enjoying their new life with their families. Alternatively, you might want to feature photos of members of your organization, inspirational quotes related to your cause, or photos that will get a laugh. Then, you can sell your calendars to members and donors at a price slightly above what you paid to have them printed.

3. Make your calendar interactive by adding QR codes.

A QR code is an image you can scan with a smartphone. Once your phone has scanned the image, it will open up a web page or other information. Using QR codes is a great way to get more out of your fundraising calendar. You can add QR codes to dates when you will be having important events, such as an annual fundraising dinner.

If you are part of a non-profit organization, suggest printing calendars this year. When your organization sells or gives away wall calendars, your messages stay in front of your members and donors all year long. Calendar printing from ensures that your calendars are printed professionally and correctly the first time.

Bulk Calendar Printing

ColorFX: Your Go-To For Bulk Calendar Printing

calendar printingWith the year coming to a close, now is the perfect time to buy a calendar for 2017. It seems practically everyone owns this item since it helps us organize our upcoming events and plan out our days. That’s why any bulk calendar printing company should take advantage of this fact and advertise their brand on them. They truly are a fantastic and affordable way to get the word out about your business. As with any printing calendars wholesale, each of the twelve months displays a picture. Business can use this as a way of showcasing products or services you provide, while also being a daily reminder to customers. Then, throw in any additional company information or quotes onto to the pages, and you’ll be leaving a lasting impression on all those who view it.

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Catalog Printing and Marketing

pdt_icon_CatalogCatalogs are a great way to introduce your complete product line to potential or existing customers. Some companies release product catalogs on a quarterly basis, whereas others who don’t have a rapidly changing product line release on an annual basis. Catalogs can also be released on a seasonal basis depending on your business’ product line. For example, if you are in the business of selling costumes than you obviously should have a catalog fully dedicated to just Halloween costumes come October. Catalog printing is a traditional marketing method that seems to have withstood the onslaught of the internet. Most people still appreciate a physical catalog and more often than not they actually take the time to go through the entire catalog. This is because it is clearer for some people to browse linearly one page at a time through your catalog than navigating aimlessly through a website.

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Five Reasons to Use Print Catalogs


Are product catalogs out of date? Some marketers would argue that they are. They would suggest that the only catalog you should be using is an online catalog. US Postal Services prices for mailing catalogs are higher than ever, they say, while an online catalog remains low-cost and infinitely scalable. However, there are still good reasons to use a printed catalog. Here are five of them.

1. Your target audience is more likely to purchase from a printed catalog.

While it’s true that nearly everyone is online these days, even your granny, not everyone is comfortable yet with making many of their purchases online. Different businesses target different demographics; you should consider your “perfect customer” and research their shopping habits. You might find that some audiences – particularly senior citizens and the elderly – are still more likely to make purchases through mail-order print catalogs than through online catalogs.

2. You print a small quantity of catalogs just for visitors to your store.

While color catalog printing on a mass scale for mail-out purposes can be extraordinarily expensive, this is certainly not the only use for a printed catalog. Another way to use a product catalog is to print a small run and keep them on-hand for customers who come in for more information to your retail store. This will minimize your expenses while still providing professional, high-quality catalogs for customers who would like them.

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