ColorFX: Your Go-To For Bulk Calendar Printing

calendar printingWith the year coming to a close, now is the perfect time to buy a calendar for 2017. It seems practically everyone owns this item since it helps us organize our upcoming events and plan out our days. That’s why any bulk calendar printing company should take advantage of this fact and advertise their brand on them. They truly are a fantastic and affordable way to get the word out about your business. As with any printing calendars wholesale, each of the twelve months displays a picture. Business can use this as a way of showcasing products or services you provide, while also being a daily reminder to customers. Then, throw in any additional company information or quotes onto to the pages, and you’ll be leaving a lasting impression on all those who view it.

Who Are ColorFX?Here at ColorFX, we are a family-owned and operated printing business out of Sun Valley, California. Located just north of Burbank, our 30,000 square feet facility for wholesale trade printing is found right off the 5 Freeway. We have been in this industry for many years, making us a market leader. Other companies cannot compare with our experience and expertise. This is because we know exactly what customers want. We have been through it all, and know what will lead to successful results and what will only fail. You can rest easy that we will take care of you and leave you with a product that you can be proud of. 

What Does ColorFX Sell?

calendar printingWhile we specialize in bulk calendar printing, we handle a lot of other kinds of items. For starters, we provide banners, booklets, brochures, business cards, catalogs, menus, flyers, posters and postcards. That’s not even the half of it though. As far as the printing itself goes, we offer full bleed printing, glossy or dull coating, and various sizes and paper weights. While we are confident that you will love our products, we understand that you may have some concerns and not want to purchase anything right away. For those people, we are happy to provide print samples. This way, you can examine our services, including wholesale calendar printing, at your own pace whenever you have a chance. All you need to is login or register on our site and then submit a request samples form. It is that simple. We currently offer samples for items like newsletters, presentation folders, wholesale calendar printing, and multi-page brochures.

Why Choose ColorFX?

First off, all of our products run through our quality control unit. What this means is that we have very strict standards as to what’s acceptable for sell to customers and what’s not. We don’t base these standards on what other companies in the business offer. Instead, it’s about what will be durable, while serving its purpose. We know that you’re using our products to represent your brand, which is why we have the most rigorous quality control program in the whole printing industry. You can count on us to go the extra mile and do everything within our power to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our products.

We also have a turnaround time that you won’t find anywhere else. Unlike other companies that take weeks and months to fulfill an order, we have your product ready in days. This is because we understand our customers have busy schedules with their own clients. If we don’t deliver by the time we say we will, this affects everyone, leaving our customers inconvenienced and disappointed. We are fully aware of this and that’s why on time is our only option.

Then, there is our customer service department. All of our representatives are highly trained to handle any questions, comments or concerns you may have. We are here to serve you. Unfortunately, with a lot of other companies, they are out to just make a quick profit. The customer’s needs are at the bottom of the totem pole. That is never the case here at ColorFX. It is our mission to deliver you quality service, no matter how big or small your order is. The customer is our number one priority.

Each of our staff members has a wide knowledge of the printing field, including calendar printers wholesale. We can help you pick out a product from our huge selection or just give you advice on what you should do next for advertising your business. We will never pressure you into making a decision, because we understand how important this matter is. Whether its buying bulk printing calendars to pass out to people at a store or creating a huge banner to display at a county fair, this kind of promotion can easily make or break a business.

Visit Us Today

To better suit our customers, we have one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly custom websites. By simply going to our official website or logging onto our MySpace page, you have the ability to access a whole slew of options on items like our calendar templates wholesale for resale. There, you can receive free estimates that include shipping, as well as a log of all your estimates and orders. Then, there’s also a section where you can approve jobs for printing and track your job’s progress. You never have to be in the dark about what’s going on. Our website will fill you in on exactly what’s happening and what you can expect. Don’t waste any more time. Whether you are buying bulk custom calendar printing or countless flyers, we are the company for the job. Learn more calling us today at 1-877-763-7671.

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