If your company offers a variety of products, a simple e-mail or flyer may not be enough to successfully market your goods. Catalog printing has been used for decades as a way for business owners to bring in greater sales. Catalogs show up everywhere, from the mailbox to grocery store shelves. If you are a business owner, an effective catalog campaign can raise brand recognition and sales.

Target Market

target marketThe first step in creating a great catalog is to research your target market and your business. What type of business is it? Who are the clients you wish to target? What do they look for? What do they need and want? How can you provide benefits to them? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can provide a catalog that will give your target audience what they need.

Marketing Strategy

marketing strategyNext, you must bring all the data you researched together so it can be put into a successful marketing strategy. That leads you to your next step, which is designing the catalog.


catalog designThe design and theme of your catalog must be governed by the information to be included. The information you received from the target clients should give you an idea of the level of professionalism necessary for the work. For instance, if your target market is purely corporate, you will need a very professional design. Bright colors and flashy graphics are not appropriate, because the prospects will ignore them, or at worst, won’t even look at the catalog. If you have a more general audience, a simple, easy design will be best.


offset printingThe final step to creating your catalog is the printing. A professional, reputable printing company who specializes in catalogs will help you increase the effectiveness of your piece. Keep in mind that many consumers do not like catalogs because they are considered a waste of paper. Be sure to have the work printed on recycled paper with environmentally-friendly ink, and have these facts printed on the front and back covers to catch the reader’s eye before they ignore the contents. Some catalog printers specialize in green printing, such as Color FX. Ask the company whether they provide environmentally-friendly products before catalog printing begins.


Now it is time to distribute your print catalogs. This stage is critical for your catalog marketing. You must research where and how you will give them away so they will bring in optimum response. Send as many out as possible, but only to the right potential clients. It is a waste of money, time, and resources to distribute them to uninterested parties in the hopes that someone interested will see them. They must reach the target audience to be effective. There are several ways to get your catalogs into the right hands. They can be mailed, handed out, or included in bags and packages when a client buys something from you. When you know the potential client has an interest, they are a good prospect for your catalog.


Catalog printing can be a great way to spread information about your goods and services. An effective marketing plan can increase your sales volume and help your company succeed!


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