Catalog Printing and Marketing

pdt_icon_CatalogCatalogs are a great way to introduce your complete product line to potential or existing customers. Some companies release product catalogs on a quarterly basis, whereas others who don’t have a rapidly changing product line release on an annual basis. Catalogs can also be released on a seasonal basis depending on your business’ product line. For example, if you are in the business of selling costumes than you obviously should have a catalog fully dedicated to just Halloween costumes come October. Catalog printing is a traditional marketing method that seems to have withstood the onslaught of the internet. Most people still appreciate a physical catalog and more often than not they actually take the time to go through the entire catalog. This is because it is clearer for some people to browse linearly one page at a time through your catalog than navigating aimlessly through a website.

There are two simple type of customers you can distribute your catalogs to – potential customers and existing customers. If you’re on a tight budget than your best bet is to deliver your catalogs to existing customers as they are more likely to repurchase from you. If you are on the hunt for new customers than make sure your distribution list is of quality, as catalog marketing can be fairly expensive. However, depending on the lifespan of your catalog before it becomes outdated your catalog can bring in more sales over time as it becomes a convenient way for customers to reference products they are interested in purchasing at different time periods. Another strategic way to utilize catalog printing or marketing is to scale down the products being listed in the catalog to a more niche audience. For example, if you own a hardware store and want to target only landscapers than only include products in your catalog that are relevant to landscapers. This type of focused catalog marketing can prove to be highly effective and a more affordable campaign to kick off.